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With the invention of smartphones, it seems that everyone fancies themselves as a photographer. These technological gadgets have encouraged anyone with a phone to snap pictures and post them to a multitude of social networking sites. However, when it comes to one of the most important celebrations of your life, you do not want to depend on your friends' photographic skills. Your wedding day is definitely an occasion worthy of a skilled, professional photographer.

At Caldwell Photographic Studios, we believe that every photograph tells a story, and each image should capture not only what is happening, but the true essence of the moment. We strive to create an artistic image that will transport the observer back in time to relive the emotion and joy of the occasion. With the knowledge and expertise to capture intimate, momentary interactions and transform these into incredible photographs, we are the best choice for wedding photography in Tampa, FL.

Whether you are planning an elaborate wedding celebration, or you are opting for a simple, intimate ceremony, you will want to have beautiful pictures to reflect back upon long after the last dance. We are passionate about creating exquisite images, and working closely with each of our clients to exceed their expectations. When you get engaged, count on a professional “Image Artist” from Caldwell Photographic Studios to capture every moment of your big day!

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